Women on Parole, Melting Balloons and Hot Pink Kerbsides: Creating a Funpark

Creative agency, Province, have had the daunting task of transforming the decor of a carpark into a bright and welcoming FUNPARK.

Province’s Anne-Louise (Al) Dadak stated that for them, despite the challenges, FUNPARK has been a dream project. “Yes there is the small budgets, long distances to travel, and the severe heat to contend with, but working with a local community who are as engaged and excited as this one, has made this project completely satisfying.”

Al is mostly referring to the involvement of the Mt Druitt Correctional and Parole Centre. Across a 6-week period, a group of 14 hardworking women helped construct the many metres of fluoro bunting required for the project. This activity-based parole group met weekly to work and chat. “Hearing the stories from these women was amazing – they will stick with me for life. The group took control of the assignment and powered through the project.” You can read more about the process here.


The fluoro bunting has been hung from poles and leads up to a collection of bright balloons. “The idea is that this will direct the eyes upwards, providing a release from all the activity happening at eye level.” The installation of the balloons, however, was problematic due to the intense 40-degree heat during the set-up days. The balloons were sourced from Mr Balloon, a balloon expert, and Mr Balloon stated that his balloons could withstand anything – they’ve been out in places as remote and harsh as Central Australia, however, despite his insistence, the heat in Bidwill Square proved too much of a match for the balloons and they started melting. They’ve been taken down and removed from the sun for now but will be reinstalled just before the event kicks off.


Another design feature you may notice is the hot pink kerbsides, many painted by local kids. “What has been amazing is how the community have helped out. We’ve had breakfast cooked for us and kids who are willing to brave the heat and paint kerbs.” When Province asked the kids why they were so happy to do such labour intensive work for free, they responded that they were pleased to have something to do. For this very reason, it is hoped that FUNPARK can exist as a sustainable event that takes place every year.  “It would be a shame for this to be a one-off,” Al said.

The final touches are being applied ahead of the community preview tonight. You’ll need to head on down to FUNPARK land for the full design experience. We’ll see you there.

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