FUNPARK. Site. Community. Revolution

FUNPARK is a radical new site responsive live art initiative developed in collaboration with the Mt Druitt community.

The amusement parks that once graced Mount Druitt are long gone, but in collaboration with local residents, some of our boldest performance makers are welcoming back the crowds for a different kind of ride. Developed with local communities, FUNPARK merges fantastical dream worlds with contemporary experiences. Walking through the disused Bidwill Plaza and surrounds you might stumble into an interactive arcade cinema, a political rock opera or a spontaneous hula-hooping marathon or have an intimate chat over tea with a local.

FUNPARK is proudly presented by SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2014 and is a FREE event!

To create FUNPARK these artists: Karen Therese, Boris Bagatini, POST, The Social Revolutionaries, Bangarra, Clytie Smith, Bunny Hoopstar, Nick Rathbone Hogan, Team9Lives, David Capra, Jodie Whalen, Applespiel, Province, Darrin Baker, Katia Molino and Therese Wilson.

Will be working in collaboration with these local community organizations…

The Wonderland Museum, Urban Neighbours of Hope, Bidwill Uniting, Learning Ground, Oz Funland, Mount Druitt Community Corrections and Parole Board and Wild Trike.

Curated by  Karen Therese

Blacktown Arts Centre Curators:  Paschal Daantos Berry and Miah Wright

When: January 18, 19 @ 6pm – 10pm

Where: Carlisle Ave, Bidwill (opposite Lindley Square)

For more information go to; http://www.sydneyfestival.org.au/2014/Theatre-and-Dance/FUNPARK/

FUNPARK Mt Druitt 2014: a public art space, a playground incorporating performance, installation, activism, critical debate and social engagement.

About the Bidwill Community

FUNPARK Schedule 17 – 18 -19 2014


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